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From single-family homes and apartments, to large commercial complexes — new construction or retrofit — Hydro-Air™ systems provide reliable, efficient, comfort and environmentally sound heating, cooling, and domestic hot water.




Here's How Hydro-Air Works

Unlike conventional systems that heat or cool by forcing air through large, bulky ducting, Hydro-Air systems deliver total comfort without any ducting whatsoever. Hydro-Air utilizes small, efficient hydronic fan coil wall units in each room that distribute either heating energy from your central water heater or boiler or cooling energy from a standard outdoor air conditioning unit.

Excellent Comfort & Efficiency

The ability to heat or cool only the areas you need (zoned temperature control) results in lower operating cost. Customized controls provide flexibility in zoned space heating and cooling — you choose the rooms you want to heat or cool without wasting energy on unoccupied areas. Hydro-Air heating, cooling, and domestic hot water systems can be combined with popular hydronic radiant floor heating systems for superior comfort that is unsurpassed by any conventional heating equipment.

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